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How to Stay Safe on Your Bike

Safety is important at all times, and as a follow-up of how you can have a safe road trip, we at Ossinger's NW Enterprises give you the best tips to ensure your motorcycle ride goes without a hitch where safety is concerned.

Protect Your Feet

Use sturdy shoes with rugged soles when riding your bike; open-toed shoes can become painful as you shift gears, and the heat the engine blows can burn them. Also, the rugged sole will give you better traction and better balance.

Ride Wisely

Don't attempt to do maneuvers you've never done before: caution is priceless. Consider enrolling in a racing school to do those maneuvers you want, or attempt them with friends that have more experience, without exposing yourself fully to the dangers of the road.

Don't Get Distracted

Distractions can have serious consequences while riding, and even more so on a bike. Be alert of the pavement and the traffic around you, and don't take your hands off the bike.

Take a Course

A motorcycle safety course will teach you how to abide traffic safety laws, how to respond to an emergency and, better yet, how to avoid one.

Wear a Helmet

We can never stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet to protect your whole head. Choose one that isn't too tight nor too loose, and that doesn't hamper your vision either.

Getting Synthetic Oil in Seattle

Another key ingredient to motorcycle safety is proper engine maintenance, which is accomplished by using the right oil. For synthetic oil in Seattle come to Ossinger's NW Enterprises, Authorized Dealers of AMSOIL Oil in Seattle, where we'll be happy to recommend you the right products to enjoy your bike to the fullest. Dial (206) 713- 1045 to get in touch with us!

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