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How to Choose the Right Tires

Planning to go off the road with your motorcycle this summer? Be sure to select the correct tires for the terrain! We'll cover the choices out there in the lines below.

Hard Terrain

Hard terrains are rocky roads and trails filled with dirt, so you'll need better traction. The tires must have denser treads and with the knobs shorter and close together to provide enough grip; also, the rubber compound has to be softer and more flexible.

Intermediate Terrain

Intermediate terrains are those that are neither rocky passageways nor sandy deserts; forests can be a good example. If you're not sure what terrain will you be riding into, intermediate type tires are a good choice. Look that the carcass or rubber compound has medium flexibility and that the knobs are taller than those of hard terrain tires, and less dense as well.

Soft Terrain

Sand dunes and muddy trails fall squarely into this one. This kind of terrain is also more difficult, because it requires riders to have a dedicated front and back tire. Both of these tires must have tall knobs that are in the edges as well, and more spread out than the previous categories; plus, their rubber compound must be stiff. The front tire should have a somewhat spiky apperance for better control of twists and turns, while the back tire should act as a sort of paddle to dig through the ground.

Synthetic Oil in Seattle

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