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Keep Cool While Riding Your Motorcycle in the Heat

The summer heat can produce some of the highest temperatures and create uncomfortable outdoor conditions. Getting into a car in this weather can feel stuffy and uncomfortable, but if you ride a motorcycle, the conditions can be even worse. As a motorcycle rider you are more exposed and vulnerable to the outdoor conditions. Ossinger's NW Enterprises has some useful tips to help you keep cool while riding your motorcycle in the summer heat.

Drink Plenty of Water

Since you are more exposed to the sun and the high temperatures, it is likely your body will lose water faster. To avoid dehydration and all of its negative side effects, make sure you are properly hydrated before heading out. Drink plenty of water before hitting the road and make sure to carry extra water with you. If you start to feel too hot, you can even pull over and throw some water on yourself. If you're planning on going on a longer trip, a camelback type water backpack is a good investment. You can drink water as you ride without any distractions.

Plan to Take Breaks

If you're going on a long trip in the summer heat, make sure to schedule rest stops into your ride. It is important to give your body breaks from the road and the direct exposure to the sun. Take some time to rehydrate and cool off a bit. Remove some of your gear and air out while you rest. A break will not only allow you to cool off, it can also help you restore some energy and be more alert on the road.

Dress Appropriately

While some riders might be tempted to wear less clothes in the heat, remember that appropriate motorcycle gear is necessary in order to keep you safe. You can trade your regular leather riding gear for something more breathable that still offers protection. While it might not offer the same protection as leather, breathable mesh fabrics are popular choices in the hot weather. Whatever your preference is, make sure to stay covered up.

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