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Keeping Warm When Riding in Cold Weather

In a previous post we discussed some tips for riding your motorcycle in the heat, so now we at Ossinger's NW Enterprises have decided to make a complementary post about how to dress appropriately, or winterize yourself, for the cold season when riding your bike.


We all layer up for the winter, and when you are planning on riding a motorcycle against the biting wind, this becomes even more important. Remember to always wear clothing that will keep you warm on the inside and deflect as much wind and water on the outside as possible.

Base Layer

Cotton may be natural, but it's not recommended due to the moisture it can trap when you perspire. Instead, choose wool, which keeps the heat in even when wet, or synthetic fibers such as micro polyester and other materials that will insulate your body better and evaporate sweat quickly.

Insulating Layer

These garments are the most important in warming you up as you ride; again, cotton is not recommended due to its tendency to trap in the moisture. Synthetic fleece can be a good choice if you get cold easily, as can be battery-powered heated clothing and gloves.

Outer Layer

Use a winter jacket that is certified waterproof and windproof, and wear pants made from the same material. Verify that your outer layer doesn't have any gaps through which the cold can enter.

Synthetic Oi in Seattle

After winterizing yourself with the proper gear, ride your bike wisely while using the best synthetic oil in Seattle, which you can purchase in Ossinger's NW Enterprise, Authorized Dealer of AMSOIL Oil in Seattle. Dial (206) 713-1045 to know the full range of our products for your bike.

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